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Copy, Paste & Bang! - A step-by-step guide for men to meet women on the internet and get laid


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Beaver's Picks

It seems like there's always someone asking me what dating sites I would recommend, or what resources I use to improve my chances of getting into a chick's pants. If you've read the book you may recognize some of these. If not, I'd strongly suggest you do as I go into detail as to how to use these services and products the right way to improve your chances as well.

Online Dating Tips:

How To Meet Women Online For Sex

How To Meet Hot Women Online

Best Online Dating Site: singles photos and discount is by far the best dating site I have found so far and they are offering a 20% discount on membership right now.

I have a paid membership to Match and would easily pay double what I do now, It's that good. They offer several levels of membership and other add-ons. Chapter 8 of Copy, Paste & Bang! is all about, what you need and don't need and how to set up your profile.

Ashley Madison is another online dating site I highly recommend. I just started to use this site and guy I've got to tell you it's great. If you are married and looking for an affair, or don't mind hooking up with married women, this site is perfect. One of the best features to this site is that most of the guys there don't buy credits and can't email the chicks! My adivce - get credits and the ratio of guys to girls is like 1 to 1 - you can't help but score!

Best Reading:

The Game by Neil Strauss

If you fancy yourself as a pick up artist or want to be one, this is perhaps the most successful book ever written that pertains to that whole pick up artist (PUA) community.

Neil is an expert on the subject of picking up women and many of the techniques he talks about in The Game can be used in the online dating arena as well.

The Mystery Method by "Mystery"

This guy who goes by the name of Mystery, had a TV show on MTV or VH1 called the Pick Up Artist.

He wrote this book called "The Mystery Method" and to date is still one of the most acclaimed books on the subject of getting women into bed.

I also recommend that you check out a friends site: Pick Up Artist - PUA Lingo is the encyclopedia of the seduction community.

Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle

If you are serious about loosing weight or getting into shape, this is the guide you want. Written by Tom Venuto, a leading expert in men's health and fitness, this book teaches You How to Turbo-Charge Your Metabolism, Gain Muscle, Burn Off Body Fat and Develop Unstoppable Motivation ... faster than you ever thought possible... Guaranteed!

Go here to find out more about Burn The Fat - Feed the Muscle and get your copy today!

Sex For the Soul


Beaver Phillips is a 13 year veteran of the online dating scene. Over the years he has refined a system which has allowed him to bang a steady stream of ass.
He is considered one of the leading experts for online dating advice. is my favorite online dating site and they are offering a 20% discount on full membership to my readers. Join Now but make sure you read the book. discount offer

Check out the PickUp Artist
website for great dating tips and advice.

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