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I get email from readers of Copy, Paste and Bang! everyday with success stories of how the book has helped them to bang more chicks.

If you have a story or testimonial you would like to share or just want to leave a comment or feedback on the book, post it here.



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77 Responses to “Success Stories Here”

  1. Mike says on :

    After listening to you on the Shannon Burke show I am looking forward to buying he book.

  2. admin says on :

    Thanks Mike! I appreciate the kind words and I know you’ll love the book. And after you read the book and start banging a ton of chicks, please tell your friends about it. And keep us all posted on your progress and let us know about your successes.

    Thanks again,


  3. Gumby1974 says on :

    A friend’s girl gave me this book a couple weeks back and I didn’t believe a word of it at first. She has a pretty twisted sense of humor and I thought she was just making fun of me. I am shy (compared to her and my friend most people are) but thought I what the fuck did I have to loose and gave it a shot. Success was the name of the game this weekend and brought 2 different chicks to their parties this weekend! Thanks for writing a easy to read and follow guide for regular guys like me. Now I can’t wait to check my email.

    Your fan

  4. admin says on :

    Nice Gumby! Glad the book has helped you but we’re all dying to know: Did you bang either of the two chicks? Either way, it sounds like you’re going down the right path after reading it.

    Rock on dude,


  5. Studley aka John says on :

    Hey Beave….just wanted to say thanks for the tips. I’ve made my POF and ads funnier thanks to you, and finally this week have made some banging advancements. Monday I banged a lady during an “afternoon delight,” and tonight I banged her again. Turns out she likes naughty girl banging (anal) and tonight i also learned she’s a nympho.

    Last night I almost banged Christine (will close the deal this Sunday) and tomorrow night I have a new date with Melinda, who I met on the 5 out of 5 stars site. You’re right—Lying IS too much work, which is why I’m 40! It is working, again thanks to the book. Chicks I’ve banged love your book—One of them read it cover to cover in 2 days. Christine and I talked about it last night—she laments how it is okay for guys to bang women, but not okay for women to do the same. I resolved her questions by scheduling a bang with her for this Sunday. Your book is marvelous!


  6. Tally Chachi says on :

    Beave, YOU ARE THE MAN……….After 6 years of marriage I still remember the days of you and I in Tally and Raleigh. If anyone knows the internet game its you. Gentleman, this book is a must have!!!!!!! One girl is just the start……Wait till you’re banging two and….yes probably even three at a time. I’ve seen it live and in person, and Beave can make it happen. Thanks Beav. I still want that video back.


  7. admin says on :

    Thanks for the kind words John. Keep on banging!


  8. admin says on :

    No video for you bro. What else do I have to blackmail you with. lol

    Thanks for checking out the blog section.


  9. Kevin says on :

    I just heard your interview on The Men’s Room (KISW-Seattle) and am encouraged to hear you talk about this. I’ve been hooking up with women from online for the last 5 years and YOU ARE RIGHT ON! It is soooo easy to get hooked using the computer.

    I don’t want to get into the psychology behind it but I will say this: Dude, there is absolutely no reason to spend bucks to impress women before you know you can get laid. This book is a must read for ALL dudes.

    I’m buying this book tonight. Happy hunting guys!

  10. admin says on :


    Those are my words exactly! Men don’t need to spend lots of coin to bang tons of chicks. And if it’s like you say it is, after reading my book your production regarding the number of women you’ll bang will at least tripple. Thanks for stopping by the website. I know you’ll love it and laugh when you read Copy, Paste & Bang!

    Rock out with your cock out!


  11. Jeff says on :

    Hey Beave I heard your interview on 99.9 KISW Seattle on the Mensroom show and I’m definately gonna buy your book like tonight or tomorrow!

    My friend Steve was big on internet dating for awhile and last night we were sitting around drinking and givin him crap about it and I thought damn man you should just go buy this book I heard about on the radio. It’s called Copy Paste and Bang its all about meetin chicks on line and gettin laid! He seemed pretty interested so I’m pretty sure he’ll buy a copy as well!

    Keep on bangin Beave thanks for the guide to gettin even more ass!

  12. admin says on :

    Thanks for the post Jeff. I know you guys will love the book. In my interview on 99.9 KISW they really seemed to focus on me and my experiences and I get that. Those guys are awesome. But the book isnt about me. I cut the fluff and give the reader what he needs to know to be successful. The book is idiot proof and if the reader follows the steps that are outlined, he will get laid. Period! Thanks again for the post. We look forward to your success stories so hit this website often.



  13. B. Bennett says on :

    Hey everyone, just wanted to letcha know there’s a HUGE difference between Confidence vs. Arrogance which Beave covers starting in Chapter V (page 23) of Copy, Paste & Bang!!! My roommate (”CJ”) has read the book twice and had a little misstep last weekend when he was IMing this super-hot “naughty little piggy”…

    I was reading what they were typing back and forth and felt very confident he was gonna bang her in the first hour after they met, so I went downstairs to piss and grab us cold ones to celebrate… Much to my disbelief, when I returned a couple of minutes later CJ said she stopped chatting and blocked him… i scratched my head thinking WTF happened and CJ said he typed, “send me a picture of your tits”…

    anyway, I CONFIDENTLY feel that if he would’ve made his “IM-Session-Goal” to simply meet with her, he would’ve been able to suck, feel, lick, twist, and play with them… let alone SEE them… my point is simple, take Beave’s advice: “there’s a fine line between Confidence and Arrogance…” and my opinion is Confidence is best portrayed in a subtle manner vs. Arrogance being demonstrated when blunt demands are thrown out there…

    CJ totally recovered within an hour and had himself 2 dates with “stranges” last weekend and left me a voicemail saying he banged one and got an awesome handjob from the other… Not too shabby for a guy who used to “have trouble getting laid in a 50-cent whorehouse with a hundred dollar bill in his pocket”…

    “Go Bea-ver it’s yah birthday”
    “Go C-J it’s yah fuck-day”

  14. admin says on :

    Very well said B. Bennett. There is a big difference between confidence and arrogance. I’m so glad CJ is using the book and is having success with it.

    We look forward to more success stories.



  15. Jmann says on :

    This book is a god send for me! it has helped me with my game so much. When i got to the rate yourself section of the book, i gave myself a 7 (fairly good looking, young, good teeth, only a little fat) i am just not so good at talking to women in person, this book worked wonders. I have only had the book and a POF account for a week and im already to the point where chick give me their number after the first email. Thanks beave!

  16. admin says on :

    Nice Jmann! Glad all is going well. Please keep posting here on the blog section and keep us updated with your successes. How did you hear about Copy, Paste & Bang!?



  17. Jmann says on :

    Hey Beave,
    Jmann here. I just wanted to give you a little update on my progress. So far i have banged 2 chick, on back to back nights, one was an 18 yr old with double E (thats right, double E) tits and the other was a 25 yr old mom. neither were anything thing above a 5 or so. but i believe it is a good start. I just wondered what you do when the girls you bang get all clingy and want a relationship? i don’t need no fatal attraction on my hands! haha. Also, if i’m not getting the same amount of responses as i once did, should i change up my first email or my profile? To answer your question, I heard about your book from the interview on KISW 99.9 on The Men’s Room. Lastly, I just wanted to say that you are the man, and as far as picking up chicks, Tucker Max ain’t got shit on you my friend!

  18. admin says on :


    Nice bangs bro! Next time if she has double E’s, try and take some pictures. :) And even though they were both 5′s, it doesn’t matter. It was strange ass so no harm, no foul there. And “hell yes” it is a great start!

    Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers coined it. You have to watch out for the stage 5 clingers! I’ve been there more times than I can count so I know exactly what you’re feeling. As for these two, if you want to bang them again, return every third call or something. Just enough to keep them around for a while. If not, just ignore them and they’ll eventually leave ya alone. Hopefully.

    To try and avoid the clingers, I often try and warn them on the phone or in the first meeting about how I have my own life and how glad I am that she seems to have hers too. It’s sort of like “take the hint baby, and don’t contact me all of the time.”

    I usually bring that up when she says “so why are you single? You seem like a great catch.” That is a great time to say something like “well the last girl I dated was awesome but she felt as though she had to call and text constantly.” That’s when I hit her with the ole “I have my life and I’m so glad that you seem to have yours too.”

    Then when they start getting clingy after I bang them I can say “I even told you early on how much I hated the everyday contacting stuff.” Does that make sense? Set the tone early and as time goes on you’ll know which ones have the potential to be stage 5 clingers.

    As for your questions about changing emails and profiles: it’s hard for me to say without reading them. But like I said in the book, don’t be afraid to make changes to either or both if you aren’t seeing the results you wanted. In my opinion, a good profile is important but that first email needs to really kick ass. Your direct communications to her are of the utmost importance.

    I hope this info helps and thanks so much for the kind words and especially for hitting this blog section. I hope you’ll keep bringing us updates.

    Keep on banging Jmann!


  19. John M says on :


    Hey just wanted to write in and tell you how much I appreciate you making this book. Being confident and not conceited, I am a really good looking guy but had the social skills of a british nun. My former ERA was about 10 percent on a good week. Mostly I believe because I had a profile and messages like every other jack off out there and no clue that women liked funny guys so much. Since reading your book and puting your wisdom into effect that has skyrocketed to close to 50 percent. Im not at your 70 yet Beave but I have already become immensely more confident in how to approach this online dating game and would never have gotten here without your book and teachings. I did as you instructed and DID NOT copy your stuff, came up with my own 1st e-mail that I think is hilarious and has worked well so far. No one else has attached any responses from the girls so I thought I would throw one out to show the reactions you get from following Beave’s advice. This was a response to a generic copy and paste first email of mine to a user on POF. “To be honest, that was the BEST email I have ever gotten! haha :) My name is Alexa, i’m single and i’m a senior in high school. I am one to bake in my birthday suit ;) I’m open for questions, what would you like to know about me?”
    This result is typical and has really helped my game. Could not be more happy, thanks Beave!!! Oh, and I heard about your book from the time you shared with the great guys on the Men’s Room.

    John M

  20. admin says on :


    A british nun huh? lol Too funny bro.

    So glad your ERA is on the climb, and thanks for including an email from a chick. The Men’s Room guys are great and I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. Now go and bang that chick on her kitchen counter.


  21. Anthony says on :

    Just letting you know I got the book yesterday. I gotta tell you that once I started reading, I couldn’t stop. I finished the book in one sitting! Thank you very much for writing this book bro. I just finished setting up a profile on pof, and all I have to do now is find a ‘humorous’ picture of myself (which is hard to find for some reason). I will be making a match account soon, but I want to test the waters first on pof as per your advice. Thanks again Beav! YOU da man!

  22. admin says on :


    That is awesome man! I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. POF will be good to you I’m sure but Match is the money shot. Please check back in from time to time and let us all know how you’re making out with the ladies.

    Thanks again and happy banging!


  23. John says on :

    I am 19 and depressed over a brutal breakup. My boss says I’m young and just need to bang some chicks, but I lack the game to get’em. I heard you on the BJ Shea Show this morning and I think the book is exactly what I need, so I puchased it. Will your technique still work at my age?

  24. admin says on :


    Sorry to hear that you’re feeling a little depressed. Worry not, as help is on the way. The concepts in the book will work for anybody regardless of age, looks or income. Stay positive, follow the steps and you’ll be just fine. We look forward to hearing from you again after you’ve read the book and started banging chicks.

    Thanks much,


  25. Vegas Dude says on :

    I just heard you on the radio this morning and it was like listening to myself. You are 100% right on. I’ve had the exact same experience. I didn’t read it in a book, but discovered the same techniques that work with online “dating”… mainly through trial and error. I’m picking up your book just to refine what I’ve discovered. I’m sure I haven’t figured it all out myself, so learning just a few more techniques will allow me to improve on the 3 chicks in one day standard I have set for myself. Bang away!

  26. admin says on :

    Vegas Dude,

    Thanks so much for the post. I appreciate the kind words. Sorry I’m not getting back to you until now. I just got back to Florida last night as I was busy partying my ass off in your amazing city. GAWD I LOVE VEGAS! And Florida really needs an In and Out Burger place. Those double-doubles are a little piece of heaven when you’re all drunk late at night.

    Thank you for picking up a copy of the book. I know you’ll enjoy it and laugh your ass off. The biggest comments I get from fellow on line daters is how much their successes increase after reading it. If you are currently banging 3 a day your dick is gona be sore from banging so much after you read it. lol

    Stay cool bro, and thanks again for the post on here. Lets us know your thoughts after you read it. VEGAS FUCKING RULES!



  27. Nik says on :

    This book is AMAZING. I never did well on these dating sites and always wondered why. After buying this book I SWEAR I got my first reply the very same night. I can’t believe how easy it is. THANKS BEAVE.

    p.s. The funny thing is….I heard about your book from a woman.

  28. admin says on :


    Thanks for the kind words. Keep us posted on your successes.


  29. Dan says on :


    THANK YOU!!!! I finished reading your book in one night and started sending messages two weeks ago. So far I have met and banged three women and one of them I banged right in the middle of the parking lot and the place we met. I love you( Not Homo though) This book is amazing! If you need a testamonial ever just let me know!!!!! Thank you again!


  30. admin says on :


    Gotta love banging in the parking lot. That’s awesome bro! Keep up the good work and thanks so much for the comment on here.


  31. john says on :

    wtf? lol…. how are you getting them to bang on the first meet?

    things are going well if we make out…. haven’t been banging on first meets.

  32. admin says on :


    I establish it on the phone before I even agree to meet them. I’m not interested in meeting them unless I know that I’m probably going to be able to bang them on the first or second date. Go back and read chapter XV called “Make or Break” again. It starts on page 185.

    Keep us posted.



  33. Lifeguard says on :

    Loved the book, polished it off in one night. Tried your method, got a 40% return on my contacts.
    One question, I’m 52 but could pass for 42. (no shit). Dig younger chicks, most of my responses have been from older chicks. Should I bullshit about my age?


  34. admin says on :


    Shame, shame, shame on you. If you read my book then you know how I feel about lying. IT EQUALS TOO MUCH WORK! lol In the end it is your choice but I wouldnt do it. Besides, I’m sure there are plenty of hotties out there that are attracted to guys your age. Thanks for the kind words and happy banging.


  35. Marcus says on :


    Do you ever get girls that give you shit because your midget letter sounds generic? I was thinking that you might and was curious how you handle it.


  36. Cocksmith says on :

    Read the book last week and updated my profile using your suggestions, since then they have been all over my jock. Locked up a 7 last night in the back seat of my car and have something lined up this Tuesday with a 7.5. Beave you ARE the man, would have paid $100 for your book.

  37. admin says on :


    If you havent read the book please read it. If you have read it please check out page 149 again. I address what you should do to make it sound like it isnt a form letter. And to answer your question: Because I personalize that letter a little I rarely get women that call me out on it. And when they do, I don’t give a shit. I simply delete and move on to the next chick. No big deal either way.



  38. admin says on :


    Nice work dude! And thanks for the kind words. I hope you have leather interior in your car. Much easier to clean up pecker tracks in a vehichle if it has a leather interior.

    Keep on banging,


  39. Peter says on :


    I got your book, read it and I am up and running on POF, just to get my feet wet first, just like you said to do. I wanted to give you my POF screename so you can check out my profile, and let me know how I did. What is your direct email address?, dont want every one knowing my POF name.

  40. P Pickle Placer says on :


    Shit man I’ve been copying and pasting like crazy recently. So far just after reading your book last week I went from about 5% ERA to about 40%. Not great yet but a huge improvement!! I just need to make some tweaks and I think I should be able to get it up.

    I guess nobody in Vancouver Canada knows about your book because I checked out my competition in the area and they are all the exact same profiles…good for me, shitty for them!

    I almost screwed up today because I was going on a copy and paste rampage and just about sent a email to a hot Latina chick who was looking for an immediate encounter…for some reason I actually looked at her profile and noticed it before I sent the email.
    Is there a way to know if you by chance screwed up and now are black listed as an immediate encounter guy on POF?

    Thanks for writing an awesome book!

  41. Carter says on :

    I read the book in two days and rewrote my profile. Within an hour I got an email from a chick (unfortunately a fat one) who said it was the funniest profile she ever read. Still working on the emails but can’t wait to put it in to action.

  42. admin says on :


    Glad you’re up and running on POF. It is a great place to start. My email is

    Thanks much,


  43. admin says on :

    Hi Pickle Placer!

    I’m so glad the book is helping you and bringing up your ERA.

    To answer your question, you’ll know if you’ve been black listed because when you try and email some chicks it’ll tell you that you’re not allowed to email them. Hopefully, this won’t happen to you. If it does, set up a new profile using a different email address. You’ll have to start from scratch again but it’ll be worth it.

    Thanks for the kind words and happy banging.


  44. admin says on :


    Nice job bro! Keep up the good work. And remember, if nobody sees you fuck a fat chick then I guess it never happened, right? lol

    Happy Banging,


  45. Griff says on :

    I have to admit Beave that I had my doubts about this stuff working but after I read the book, man I was stoked. I already had a membership on Match and POF but had not seen action in awhile. After reading some of those boring ass profiles in your book, I read mine and man what a dumbass I was. I tweaked my profile like you said and I shit you not in two days I had more replies than I had all month telling me that they laughed their asses off at the profile and email. I must admit that I used some of your shit but I am working on mine. Dude, this shit really works. I wish you would have written this book years ago. Now I have to get the 2nd emails out. I do have one question though, what happens when you meet the chick and you’re not quite as funny as all of the shit you have said online?
    Thanks, Griff

  46. Griff says on :

    Dude, I know I just blogged you yesterday but the response I am getting is unfreaking believable. I already got a cell# and an invite to meet some ladies out. I did run into a snag though, some chick read her cousin’s email and realized it was exactly the same as hers. lol Now she is challenging me to see if I have big enough balls to show up.


  47. TPC says on :

    I have three questions:

    1. I am 50 years old. I think humour is still important. Do you think the humour needs to be (for the lack of a better word) refined a bit for women over 35?
    2. Do you offer a service to review a profile? I think your recommendation of writing your own to prepare you to meet the girl is a good one.
    3. Any recommendations on how to find women to travel with? I need to get away on a vacation and would love to travel with a partner. Given the discounted prices, I will even pay her travel costs.

  48. admin says on :


    That’s awesome bro! Glad you enjoyed the book so much and I’m even happier that youre already seeing the results from it. Rock on dude!

    As for the “being funny in real life” question: I covered that back in Chapter XVI titled Bang Time. Go back and read that chapter again. The hostess and the server are the props you need to keep being funny. A couple funny things when you first meet her is all you need to set the stage. After all, you’ve already established naughtiness on the phone with her before you even meet her in person, right? You’re going to be fine Griff.

    Thanks much and happy banging.


  49. admin says on :


    Shit like that has happened to me before too. The bottom line is simple: Do you think you can bang her? If that answer is “yes” then I would meet her. If you think she just wants you to show up so she can rag on you for the Copy and Paste deal then I wouldnt waste your time. The choice is yours though. Let us know how you make out with it or if you just send her packing and dont meet her.



  50. admin says on :


    1. Perhaps the humor does need to be refined for some women that are a bit older. You bring up a good point.

    2. People have asked me to review their profiles and I try to but I stay so busy it’s hard to find the time. I’ll try and review it but there are no guarantees I’ll have time.

    3. I’d worry about your dates first and then if she’s worthy then and only then would I mention travel to her. You can always meet people when you travel and in my opinion I’d make her earn that boarding pass first. I wouldnt just offer that sort of stuff. Go back to Copy, Paste & Bang! and read April Masini’s article again that starts in my book on page 104.

    Thanks for the comments.


  51. Matt says on :

    Yo Beave,

    I got your message and thanks for getting back to me. I wanted to let you know that I ordered two books, one for a friend and one for me. Let’s just say my friend temporarily suspended his account and I am thinking of doing the same, as there is too much traffic to keep up with. Your advice is some of the best I have ever gotten in regards to women. Thanks!!!


  52. admin says on :


    That is freaking awesome! And it’s a great problem to have bro. Thanks for the orders and I wish you both much continued success.



  53. Jack says on :

    Hey a just got your book and changed up my profile on POF. Within and hour I got this e-mail, unsolicited.

    “u were one of the guys who looked at my profile,didnt contact me so
    probably werent interested, which is fine, but i have to tell u
    that i checked out ur profile and u have the most interesting and
    unique profiles ive come across.kudos…made me smile. ”

    I would like it if you could share more examples of the first email, so I can get some ideas and create some of my own.

  54. Nik says on :

    Dude, your book is awesome. It’s been a few months and I get about 10 emails a week. I’ve never gotten this many replies. Maybe 2-3 of the emails are from them first.

    How is this for redemption……a while ago some woman turned me down telling me I wasnt her type…….just last night (8/24/09) she emails me telling me how funny my profile and picture are and how she wants to get to know me.

  55. Derick says on :

    Hey Beaver,

    I really enjoyed reading your book, but to be honest, I was not getting many responses. Two weeks ago I signed up for your service to have you re-do my profile. I could tell the difference immediately. My email return average went from 10% to 50%. Women are always emailing me to tell me that they could not stop laughing while reading my profile, and how my profile is the funniest that they have ever read. I appreciate how you took the extra time to calibrate a profile to my personality. Last weekend I arranged to meet a women for a date (drinks only of course), and closed the deal that night.

    Thanks Beave for the help and the extra attention.


  56. admin says on :


    Nice job bro. Keep up the good work. And please feel free to check out my services tab on the web site for help with first and second emails etc.

    Happy Banging,


  57. admin says on :


    That’s awesome dude! Keep us posted and let us know if you bang that chick that originaly said no.



  58. admin says on :


    That is great news man. Keep up the good work and thanks for the post on here.


  59. AtP says on :

    Hey Beaver,
    Ive been read this book twice but not finish in 2nd time which I need to understand clear because Im full deaf and Im trying to understand the English,because I grew up in deaf world also there are such interesting about this book.
    I already updated in my POF recenlty, so I tried to send babes, but no luck bec of access problem ..I ll figure out soon.
    I really need fuck hot babe so bad, which I am divorced and 42 years old. also Im planning to join soon.

  60. admin says on :


    Thanks for the post on here. Glad you updated your POF profile. Now try and come up with some funny emails to send to chicks on there. Good idea about Plenty of hot chicks on there to bang.

    Thanks again,


  61. chooch says on :

    i was pissed that i bought your stupid fuckin book……but then i read it. i’ll give it you. there’s some good advice in there. you win.

  62. admin says on :

    Yo Chooch!

    Thanks for buying my stupid fuckin book. And I’m thrilled you enjoyed it. It’s not about me winning. It’s about us guys not spending a fortune on dating and getting the sex that we want.

    Stay cool bro. Thanks for the comment.


  63. doobs says on :

    Hey Beaver!
    Great job on the book- I heard you on Stern and got your book the same week!!! I am easing into it and have gotten some good responses to my match profile. I got one unsolicited email from a babe ~100 miles away, and used the 1st email style in my response. Her next email she gave me her number to get away from the whole email thing. Distance is inconvenient, so what are some possible ways to keep her ‘on the line’? (in case I want to make a road trip)? Thanks again.

    p.s. what’s the deal with “wink spam” where they wink and you go look and their profile does not exist?

  64. next2aruba says on :

    Fellas, I’m 42 years old, 5’8″, 335 lbs, and ugly as hell. I posted my current pic on my profile at POF, and asked the girls to rate my pics, on the old 1-to-10 scale. I came in at a solid 2.5, and I was HAPPY with that, having given myself a 1….

    And if my looks weren’t enough of a handicap, my lack of game was even worse. I couldn’t get any girl at any bar to talk with me. I got one-word answers from the polite ones, and completely blown off by the rest…


    I’m just coming out of a 17-year marriage. I thought my sex life was over. And thanks to Beaver, I feel like I just lost my cherry again.

    Not only that, but I’ve got replies from three other girls at the same time. Next step is to get THEIR numbers, and run the CP&B playbook step by step again.

    Beaver, I’m indebted to you forever, you’ve changed my life, and no, I’m not overstating it. Thank you so much.

    (I know this sounds like a phony testimonial, all this over-the-top hype and praise. In fact, I hope you DON’T believe it, and DON’T buy the book, because I don’t want the competition on those dating sites! I want it to remain Me vs All The Idiots Who Don’t Know What They’re Doing. But I know that Beaver recognizes this as an unsolicited testimonial. I feel indebted to the guy, so if I can help him sell a few books, that’s the least I could do. Thanks again, Beav!)

  65. admin says on :


    Thanks for the compliment on the book. 2 things you mentioned:

    1. Forget that “wink spam” shit. If she winks and there is no profile, just delete her and move on with the others.

    2. That distance stuff I talked about in the book. Early on I would travel all over to bang chicks. If she’s super hot I’ll make a few exceptions but you know that I now limit myself to 10 miles. If you do travel that far I would hope that sex has already been confirmed on the phone? Phone fuck her first before traveling that far man.

    Good luck,


  66. admin says on :


    Wow! That is the probably the greatest testimonial that I’ve received to date. You’re right! I think some people may think it’s a fake but we know the truth.

    Sorry your marriage of 17 years didnt pan out for you as I’m sure it would be difficult getting back into the swing of things after that long. But I give you so much credit for getting back out there and getting back into it. Congrats man!

    You know that Jared dude from Subway? I think you’re the Jared for Copy, Paste & Bang! You rock bro, and I can’t thank you enough for leaving this comment on here. Please stay in touch.



  67. Keith says on :

    Beave, I’ve had a good success on Craigslist Casual Encounters but I have to admit not super quality chicks, mostly needy ones. One week I spent 4 out of 7 nights banging a different Craig’s girl. I was exhausted. I’m 50ish btw.

    A lot of women are out there and not getting anything…just a little bit of work and you can be the lucky guy.

    What’s your take on Craigs?

  68. JP says on :

    Yo Beav!

    ok, I heard you on Stern, I bought the book.
    Finally got around to reading it.
    Did what you said.

    First week:

    Banged some chick last night!
    It was the first time we met.

    Beaver,…you fucking rock!!


    I want to send more emails out however,…its Saturday.
    And I’m not braking any of your rules.

  69. admin says on :


    I get messages all of the time about different web sites. Craigslist,,, etc, etc, etc, and the list goes on and on. Here’s my take on it:

    Do whatever works for you. If you’ve had success doing something then do it. I don’t endorse Craig’s List for pussy but I did buy a microwave on there for $20. I also recently purchased a Harley Davidson that I found on that web site. Great web site but when it comes to pussy I’ll take POF and Match any day over any others. It’s just my opinion.

    Thanks for the post on here, and much continued success to you.



  70. admin says on :

    Actually JP “You Fucking Rock!” Nice job on the 1st date close. Keep up the good work. And good call about not sending out 1st emails on Friday and Saturday nights. Sunday through Thursday are the ideal nights to crank out your 1st emails.

    Thanks for the comment, and keep on a banging!



  71. Mike C says on :

    hey Beav!

    Heard you on Howard (great interview), and finally ordered the book. Ordered on Sunday and received on Wednesday! Amazingly fast shipping! I can’t wait to dive into the book, and I will let you know how everything turns out!

  72. admin says on :

    Hi Mike!

    Thanks so much! Glad you got the book in a timely manner and I hope you enjoy it. I also look forward to hearing some of your success stories on here after you’re up and running.

    Happy Banging Brother,


  73. JonJon says on :


    I just got the book yesterday, read it in one sitting. I created my POF profile tonight, and sent out my first email. I got a reply within 3 minutes… that has NEVER happened before, we’ll see how this goes, but I have High hopes!. Thank you so much man, you are a genius!

  74. admin says on :

    LOL Awesome JonJon! Keep up the good work and thanks for the kind words. And when you start banging please tell your friends about the book, and hit us back on this blog section with your success stories.

    Nice job dude!


  75. JonJon says on :

    In looking at the tips in the book, it is all common sense. I cant believe that more people not just know that these things work. On another note, there is this girl I’ve been talking to online for about 8 months, I’ve seen her on the webcam and whatnot, so I know she is who she claims to be, lol. I have asked her several times if we could talk on the phone and ASKED her for her number… never would she give it to me. Just the other night, she was telling me this story about her day and it seemed like it was going to be a long one, so I said, “Hey, give me your number so you can tell me this and not have to type it all.” The next thing I received from her was her number. I don’t know why I never realized any of this before. It doesn’t take dishonesty or being “a player” to get the girls you want. All you have to do is follow the steps in the book and you’re golden! I can definitely see how this stuff will even work when (if) I am ready to find a serious relationship. I feel so much more confident now and I’ve only been using your ideas for a day. BTW, I have received 6 more emails from different girls (all telling me how funny I am ). I was wondering if I could send you one that I received that I am a little confused on how to proceed… Thanks again for everything and I look forward to reading your response.


  76. Fellow Banger says on :

    Hey Beave, heard you on 98 Rock this morning and thought I’d chime in. I have been using another site ( for about 3 years now…. just recently started changing my approach and have knocked out 5 in the last 6 weeks. I am definately buying your book as soon as possible, but wanted to put it out there that True has a “younger” audience and a video chatroom thats pretty cool for checking them out for real. Keep on bangin brother!

  77. admin says on :

    Fellow Banger!

    Thanks so much for the comment. I’ll have a look at Thanks for the tip. And I hate to sound like an arrogant prick but I promise your numbers will increase after you read the book. It’s guys like you that have done the Internet dating thing for a while that really gain the most from Copy, Paste & Bang! You already know the game and the book just fine tunes your current skills.

    I look forward to hearing your success stories and thoughts on the book after you read it.

    Thanks again,


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