Copy Paste and Bang!


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beaver phillips
Author of Copy Paste and Bang

Beaver Phillips is a 13 year veteran of the
online dating scene. Over the years he has refined a system which
has allowed him to bang a steady stream of ass.
He is considered one of the leading experts in online dating advice for men.

What My Readers Say:

Trust me… you read and do what
he tells you …you will never have to wank again. Congrats Beave!


Yo Beav!
ok, I heard you on Stern, I bought the book.
Finally got around to reading it.
Did what you said.

First week:
Banged some chick last night!
It was the first time we met.

Beaver,…you fucking rock!!


Well I just got your book a week
ago. And man, let me tell you that it really works. I just did what
you said in the book and now girls are hitting me like you wouldn't
believe. GUYS!!! You need to get this book.

Thanks Beave.

Read the book last week and updated
my profile using your suggestions, since then they have been all over
my jock. Locked up a 7 last night in the back seat of my car and have
something lined up this Tuesday with a 7.5.

Beave you ARE the man,
I would have paid $100 for your book!


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