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The key to being successful with hot women is pretty easy if you develop and follow your own attraction system for getting beautiful women. Attractive girls have one thing in common, they all know that men are always going to be after them. They think of themselves as a prize. Being a hot woman means you have to get used to the fact that men are going to be falling all over themselves to get your attention.

Before you learn how to meet hot women online, you must first find a way to impress them without coming across as desperate. Make sure you read My Online Dating Guide for men before you try any of these tactics.

Follow these simple steps...

Step 1. Act like you don't care

If you meet a local girl online who's really hot, she'll be expecting you to eventually ask for her number. Flirting with her blatantly without asking for her number will confuse her. Get her to listen to your witty conversations, make small talk and pay her compliments. She'll find herself enjoying being around you which will greatly increase your chances of meeting her for sex..

Step 2. Leave her while she's enjoying the moment

When you've attracted and started talking to a hot woman, and you're both having a good laugh, say goodbye to her in the middle of it all. Simply make your exit sudden and unexpected. By doing so while she is enjoying herself with you means she will be hanging on your every word. You'll probably see a hint of disappointment in her voice if you've got her on the phone, so don't be tempted to stay.

Step 3. Dish out the offer

Here is a crucial step. If you really want to learn how to get a hot woman to meet you for sex, execute this step flawlessly. If she shows disappointment when you follow step 2, simply tell her that you'll be at a particular place at a certain time the following day or night, and that you'll be around for about an hour, and hopefully you'll see her there, and then leave.

This is a great trick to use when you want to meet hot women for sex, and if you're lucky, chances are she'll show up...Don't be surprised to see her waiting there for you to show up the next night...

article reposted in part from an article By: Jay Sullivan

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Beaver Phillips is a 13 year veteran of the online dating scene. Over the years he has refined a system which has allowed him to bang a steady stream of ass.
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